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Our days are filled with fun, friendship, variety and adventure!

Our 11 years of experience running camps for kids has taught us so much! Our schedules and activities are planned based on what really works and what kids really love. Here are some highlights:

  • Camp Hours: 9:00am – 4:30pm
  • Early dropoff: starting at 7:30am so parents can get to work on time
  • Late pickup: Camp ends at 4:30pm; however, we provide activities for the children until 5:00pm to provide parents flexibility in their pickup time.
  • Morning Meeting – We start the day off with a meeting involving all the children to talk about the day and special activities of the week.
  • Outdoor Adventures – Mornings are our time to head outdoors — a walk to the playground, scavenger hunt, outdoor games and more!
  • Lunch Time & Free Play – Kids bring their own lunches and enjoy free play, as well as special features and options during the week.
  • Multiple Camp options give kids the freedom to choose their fun: Art, STEM, Sports or DIY Fun.
  • Friday Splash Day: Children look forward to this Friday activity all week!
  • Special Activities: Cooking, Pajama Parties, Hawaiian Luau, Dance Parties, Face painting, Special Guests – these are just a few of the highlights that we have enjoyed in previous years.