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Weekly Camp Options

Art Camp: Art Camp gives your child a chance to nurture their creative side and inspire new skill sets, creating unique pieces or art. We will work with a variety of materials and use different techniques to create masterpieces each week!

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Camp: Stem Camp offers an opportunity for your child to pique their curiosity and explore a sense of wonder! Our hands-on experiences give kids opportunities to build structures, create & design engineering projects, work together to crack codes, bust out of escape rooms, and dive into a range of different experiments.

Multi-Sports Camp: Our multi-sports camp will focus on learning skills that aid in helping your child learn essentials to play different types of sports. These skills include: agility, endurance, bouncing, kicking, moving, striking, throwing, and catching. Our sports camp will also include opportunities to play organized games, learning to work with a teammate, and discussing great sportsmanship.

DIY Fun Camp: We created this option so that children could have a self-directed camp based on their interests, imaginations and love of creative play. We have so many activities and materials available for them to create their own fun both outdoors and within our fun filled classrooms.